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Bijli Mahadev Temple, Kullu
October Trekking, Travelling and Photography Andy Rawat

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Take a short weekend trek to Bijli Mahadev Temple, which people after one visit call “Electric Mahadev” because the experience is truly electrifying! The legendary temple is located on top of Mathan Hills in Kullu Valley. A Small trek to Bijli Mahadev Temple at Kullu which is on top of the hill. This is a hill station located at a height of 7500ft. Recently I visited Bijli Mahadev, which is a small trek from Kullu. The valley is surrounded by Pir Panjal Range on one side and Parvati Range on the other. Since there is a road now, so we had to trek 3 km only. Bijli-Mahadev temple is a ‘Kash’ style temple that has a “Shiva-Lingam”. The name of the hill where Bijli Mahadev temple is situated is called Mathan and is surrounded by Parbati, Garsa, Bhunter and Kullu valleys, 14 KM from Kullu.

Its really an amazing place to visit and this was the best place I visited during my recent trip. The temple is finely made with stone and wood, a typical hill architecture with sloping roof made of wooden planks. The tranquility of the place will surely lure you when you explore the temple’s heritage, especially the carving on wood and vibrant paintings on the temple doors. There is a small village just down below the temple and the name of the village is also called Bijli Mahadev. Bijli Mahadev is one of the sacred temples of the Indian state of Himachal. It is located in the Kullu Valley and it is one of the smallest temples. Located 10 km from Kullu across the Beas river, it can be approached by a difficult but rewarding trek of 3 km.

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This place got its name after the great miracle that occurs occasionally. The ‘Shiva-Lingam' is struck by lightning and it breaks into pieces, then the priest of the temple collects all the pieces and joins them together with the help of butter acting as an adhesive. During ‘Shivaratri’ every year, great rush of devotees gather here to pay homage to Lord-Shiva. Devotees can give offerings in the Hundi only kept inside the temple. Photography is not restricted anywhere in the place. Temple is an unusual temple dedicated to Shiva- the Lord of lightning.


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Opposite to the temple there are small stone statues situated and one can perform pooja there too. A 20mtr tall pole is installed which has got some interesting story. The pole is made of Deodar tree in a nearby forest area. Once in a while during special occasions the pole will be replaced by another one made from the tallest Deodar tree found in the forest. The tree is carved in the square shape and fixed firm in the place. People feel that this is an opportunity for getting blessing from Lord Shiva and consider this activity as serving God.


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A panoramic view of Kullu and Paravati valleys can be seen from the temple. Exciting trek to see the famous temple in Kullu valley, Bijli Mahadev temple, nestled amidst the frozen valley with cedar forests around. The lap of majestic Himalayas with breathtaking landscapes, distinct rich culture and heritage. In this temple of lightning, it is said that the tall staff attracts the divine blessings in the form of lightning. Climbing a steep trail through oak and deodar forests overlooking the entire Kullu valley. Surrounded by lush green trees, the temple has a clear blue lake nearby, as well as views and wild horses.


BY AIR : Bhuntar is the nearest airport, which is 52 km away from Manali. Transports available from Bhuntar, its well connected to Delhi by air. The airliners that take you to this Airport from Delhi and Chandigarh to Kullu.

BY ROAD : Delhi - Manali is well connected, take an overnight bus journey in 12 - 14 hours. Tickets available online.

MORE INFO : From Delhi (ISBT, Majnu ka Tilla) most Volvo private buses leave between 5 pm - 6 pm. AND From Manali most Volvo private buses leave between 4 pm - 5 pm. Plan your onward journeys accordingly.


Acute Mountain Sickness(AMS): Shortness breath, Mild headache & Tiredness are some common in high altitude trek. Risk of being hit by AMS is considerably low but you are advised to be on a course of Diamox. In case of any medical emergencies, there are easy exit points on this trek, means evacuation will generally not take more than 24 hours.


Prepration: Fight again sub-zero temperatures, carry multi layers throughout winter trek and practice carrying packed backpack to comfortable with it. Carrying dry fruits will help on trek since they provide instant energy. The ascent-descent during the trek demands level of fitness. Begin your fitness preparation, jogging 5 Km in 30 minute before One month or two before start the trek, stretching exercises for flexibility are important so you don’t get cramps in trek.

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