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Nauradhar - Churdhar Summitt
August Trekking, Travelling and Photography Andy Rawat

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Just wanna shared one of the most Amazing trek to Churdhar a temple of Lord Shiva. Here are some of the most tempting glimpse of the valley and the peak. Nauradhar is around 390 KMs away from Delhi. Churdhar trek takes you to the highest peak of the Shivalik mountain ranges. Generally people reach the peak in evening, stay there at Dharamshala and come back in morning and we did the same. So we met a lot of people coming down with great enthusiasm. There are 2 halt Tea Hut Point for stay are “Doosri” and “Teesri”. This trek being moderate to difficult climb rewards you in the beauty it provides you as you trek through the 1600 meters climb from Nohradhar which is 17 kms from the peak. Also known as Churchandni, this peak is perhaps the most easily accessible from the plains- Nohradhar. The entire Churdhar range is a wildlife sanctuary. Legend has it that it is on these mountains that Hanuman found the "Sanjeevani Buti", which he brought Laxman life back. Himachal is the boasts of Mountain elegance and natural beauty and it never disappoints any visitor who reaches here seeking adventure and hardcore trekking. Norhadhar can be reached from Sirmour 14km, Sarahan 14km and Chopal 8km by bus.

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Detailed Itinerary


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We started from Delhi, so we reached Majnu ka Tilla at 6:00 PM and board the bus as we have already booked. Overnight journey through Volvo from Delhi to Solan, Himachal. We reach early morning at Solan and take local bus for Nauradhar. Nauradhar (388 KM) is a small town on the Solan - Rajghat -Sangrah road, which can be covered by Bus/Car. Luckily we got a direct local bus to Nohradhar via Rajgarh Peach Valley from Solan bypass but seats are not available, very crowded bus, though we decide to move to the bus roof and it is amazing experience. Our bus was breakdown near Rajgarh after that we hire a Car and reached Nauradhar at 11:30 AM. We had breakfast and after a short break at 12:00 Noon we decide to start our trek.


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Churdhar Temple Summitt trek has 3 route options. FIRST (7 KM)- Chaupal in Shimla district is the base for the shortest route. SECOND (50 KM) - Haripurdhar in Sirmour district is the base for a longer route. and THIRD(17 KM) - Nauradhar is the base climb for Churdhar trek and We'VE CHOOSE THIS. As Uttarakahndi its in my genes that I've stamina to going upwards and technique to going down, so my body relaxed in both way climb or descent Nohradhar is the most popular base for the Churdhar trek and it takes 8-9 Hours for non-stop 17 Km long moderate and difficult climb to complete. We spend Night at dharamshala. If you start harder trek after 2 PM then you will see a lot of tourists coming back from Churdhar. We saw lot of pilgrims going to Churdhar Summitt. We opted the harder trek and it is not that easy but surely shorter than easier way. Finally reached Dharamshala at 8 PM but it hard to get dome to stay but we manager and slept well.


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We woke up early had tea and got ready for Summitt than back to home. There is no mobile coverage during most of the trek. Churdhar is one such awesome destination where you can quench your thirst of experiencing nature at one of its best faces. A wealth of herbs and beautiful alpine flora cover these Himalayan slopes, Lord Hanuman found "Sanjeevani Butti" in this vicinity. Nauradhar is the highest peak in Sirmour and outer Himalaya. Trekking to a peak, passing through the changing scenes of the diverse nature, observe culture, when you are on the peak point, you feel satisfied and overwhelmed with earth’s spectacular beauty. We got a Car to Solan directly from Nohradhar. we spend few time and had dinner at Solan's Mall Road. We missed our bus because bus driver has change the route and we are waiting for bus at Solan's Hightway till midnight. After a lot of discussion with Red Bus Owner, we decide to board on the Himachal local bus for chandigarh. Reaching chandigarh we take bus for delhi than took Delhi Metro and going Gurgaon for Monday Job. After that we claim and refund the amount from Red Bus Owner.


BY AIR : Kangra Airport at Dharamshala is about 20 km away from McLeodganj and is well connected to Delhi, Kullu and Chandigarh. Airlines operate regular flights. After reaching the airport, travellers can hire taxis or take buses to reach their destination, which takes around an hour.

BY TRAIN : Pathankot Railway Station, situated approximately 90 km away, is the closest broad gauge railhead serving those headed to McLeodganj. Some of the popular trains available from Delhi for Pathankot are Jammu Mail and Uttar Sampark Kranti. Once you reach Pathankot, take a taxi or bus from outside the station, which is easily available.

BY ROAD : Private buses are well connected McLeodganj with other cities like Delhi, Chandigarh and Dharamshala etc. In Delhi, most of the Volvo private buses leave between 5 pm - 6 pm. from the Kashmiri Gate ISBT and Majnu-ka-Tilla (a Tibetian camp). Plan your onward journeys accordingly.


Acute Mountain Sickness(AMS): Shortness breath, Mild headache & Tiredness are some common in high altitude trek. Risk of being hit by AMS is considerably low but you are advised to be on a course of Diamox. In case of any medical emergencies, there are easy exit points on this trek, means evacuation will generally not take more than 24 hours.


Prepration: Fight again sub-zero temperatures, carry multi layers throughout winter trek and practice carrying packed backpack to comfortable with it. Carrying dry fruits will help on trek since they provide instant energy. The ascent-descent during the trek demands level of fitness. Begin your fitness preparation, jogging 5 Km in 30 minute before One month or two before start the trek, stretching exercises for flexibility are important so you don’t get cramps in trek.


Best Time for this trek is May to November. Carry rain gear and flashlight; layered clothing; prepare for wind gusts

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