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Uttarkashi District, Uttrakhand - Trekking

Kedarkanth Summitt
January Trekking, Travelling and Photography Andy Rawat

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Its end of December and plan to celebrate New Year in Kedarkanth Summitt. Kedarkantha trek is a perfect, mesmerizing and attractive pictorial view in the Uttarkashi District of Uttarakhand. One of the most fascinating and thrilling trek, which provides all the excitement and challenges in less time. During winter, snow covered valley and mountains offer peaceful, majestic and breath taking view. It provides you a great opportunity to see the scenic beauty and good experience of remote villages life in the valley of God. A pleasure ravishing panoramic views of Uttarakhand that cann't matched with other destinations within country. Trek takes you through most beautiful meadows and pine forests with fresh snow patches of green trail. These meadows used by shepherds during the summer season and witness of several peaks and ranges. The overall return trek is around 24 kilometers from Sankri to Sankri, which is covered in a span of over 3 days. Such a spectacular trek goes through the Govind Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park. It is flanked by the Swargarohini peak to the north, Har-ki-Dun Valley, the Bandarpunch mountain to the north-east and Rupin Pass at Himachal is Uttarakhand border to the north west.

The surrounding snow cover peaks makes all the mountains appear pointed and sharper like a dreamy forest covered dominating peaks. When you are on the top, feel like an eagle with the bird's eye view on surrounding. It may sound challenging for first attempt trekkers. Steeped in unsurpassed beauty over here, you find the catchy beauty of villages, massive stretches of meadows, snow trail and magnificent splendid jaw dropping view of great mighty Himalayas. Trek offering the glory of dramatic landscape, quiet rivers, rising peaks and windy trail through rich forests. Kedarkantha ridge peak, situated in the mountains of the tons stunning river valley, which is easily accessible at almost anytime of the year. Glimps of Kedarkanth trek is not observed frequently and campsite are great. Surrounded by beautiful peaks, which offers region's spectacular view from the top. On reaching the summit you will be rewarded with stunning views of the Garhwal region Snow clad Mountains peaks kissing the skys. Better to avoid the monsoon time for trekking in these trail.

“A lone peak of high point is a natural focal point in the landscape, something by which both travelers and local orient themselves. In the continuum of landscape, mountains are discontinuity – culminating in high points, natural barriers, unearthly earth.” –-- Rebecca Solnit
Detailed Itinerary


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We reach Dehradun Bus stand early morning and collect bus tick from counter for Purola. Initially the twisting road follows a winding course going into the Yamuna valley via Mussoorie, after crossing Mussoorie, we continue along the river to Barkot, Nainbagh, Nowgaon, than reached Purola in afternoon. We take Shared Jeep from Purola and continue to Jarmola, Mori and Netwar to Sankri. Its takes 10 hours for 220 Km on the National Highway 123 long drive from Dehradun to Sankri and last 22 km stretch time can be a little longer because some areas the roads are a little bumpy and rough. Drive to Sankri is one of the most picturesque drives in the Himalayas. We arrange accommodation a home stay in a dormitory style room at Sankri. Sankri is the last village connected to the motor road. If the sky is clear and you reach before sunset, you can’t miss the vibrant color of beautiful snowcapped ranges of Mt. Swargarohini, Kala Nag and Ranglana standing out proudly showcasing their beauty from Sankri.


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After morning stretches, we had breakfast and start the trek around 7 a.m. for our next first halt point Judatal, which situated about 5 hour trek from Sankri. Initially we follow the motor able road which connects Sankri to Taluka for five minutes, then we leave the road and turn right to take the trail which leads to Judatal. Starting your trek with a crunchy walk on a carpet of brown leaves in a lush meadows, snow patches, dense pine forest, cascading beautiful streams and gorgeous maple trees. The trail starts gaining height from the beginning, lots of local village women and kids are found carrying bundles of wooden logs, wooden sticks to utilize for household cooking and dried leaves for their cattle. The trail is wide and one can hear the sounds of running streams, after about an hour you will find a cement bridge lying on a small stream. About next hour we completed halfway to the Judatal and finally we reached judatal after an hour or two and take break beside the small pond surrounded by Pine and Oak trees. A beautiful mesmerising views of snow clad peaks from Judatal campsite. Beauty of this trail walking over the brown dried leaves creating a magnificent and unique experience. Here is the first campsite where most of trekkers need to stay in tents.


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We take short break with Packed Lunch and explore the area. Snowfall started after finishing lunch. Post lunch we start the trek to Kedarkantha basecamp which takes around 4.5 Kms to reach. We opt the trail to steep climb to reach basecamp, the trail rises to a ridge at the edge of the lake through dense pine forest. This trail can be a little challenging in compared to others for first timer. After about an hour of steep climb we reach a spot where stands a solitary shepherd hut. Follow the footsteps, after walking another hour you’ll see a vast opening with few shepherd huts and continue trek to reach today’s campsite after one hour and enjoy the surroundings. The night sky however is a treat to the eyes with bright and shining stars creating a magnificent aura which is enjoyable for all trekkers.


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Snowfall continued from yesterday morning, Overnight this trek gets really cold and temperature drops to as low as -13 degrees adding to the thrill of being on a Himalayan Winter Trek. However, the temperature inside the tent isn't that cold and layers of cloths perfectly takes care of the comfort. In the morning view the KedarKantha meadows, which is fully covered with fresh white snow. Due heavy snow fall we didn’t not attempt Summit and ready to walk back. We start early and descending from another route to reach Hargaon in afternoon, which takes about 2 hours. Trek down from Basecamp is well marked trail. After Hargaon Trek down through thick forest of Pine and Maple trees and at some places you will have open views of beautiful Har Ki Dun valley. After enjoying the views and some rest at Hargaon, we continue walk to Sankri to spend the night in a guest house. If you have energy left, explore Sankri Bazar.

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Due to long walk back, descending is from another route via Hargaon. we start early to reach Hargaon in afternoon, which takes about 2 hours.Trek down from Basecamp to Hargaon on well marked trail. After Hargaon Trek down through thick forest of Pine and Maple trees and at some places you will have open views of beautiful Har Ki Dun valley. After enjoying the views and some rest at Hargaon, we continue walk to Sankri to spend the night in a guest house.


Today, last day of the trip is the departure day, we need to travel back to Dehradun. In the morning after breakfast Board the Bus and start driving towards Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand. Time to say goodbye to the fellow trekkers when reached Dehradun Bus Stand take Bus for overnight journey, and reach Delhi early morning at 5 am and head towards your destinations to lead the normal life back again.


BY AIR : Jolly Grant Airport is the airport serving Dehradun, located about 25 km from the city. There is a daily flight from Delhi to Dehradun

BY TRAIN : Take the overnight train, Dehradun easily connected from all parts of the country.

BY ROAD : Take the overnight Bus, Dehradun easily connected from all parts of the country.


Acute Mountain Sickness(AMS): Shortness breath, Mild headache & Tiredness are some common in high altitude trek. Risk of being hit by AMS is considerably low but you are advised to be on a course of Diamox. In case of any medical emergencies, there are easy exit points on this trek, means evacuation will generally not take more than 24 hours.


Prepration: Fight again sub-zero temperatures, carry multi layers throughout winter trek and practice carrying packed backpack to comfortable with it. Carrying dry fruits will help on trek since they provide instant energy. The ascent-descent during the trek demands level of fitness. Begin your fitness preparation, jogging 5 Km in 30 minute before One month or two before start the trek, stretching exercises for flexibility are important so you don’t get cramps in trek.

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