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ANDYOGRAPHY STUDIO is founded by Andy Rawat, which has several features like Trek Info, documentaries. Travellers have a huge amount of enthusiasm for Trek Himalaya and ensure that all photographs of Travel-Treks will be great and discover the qualities that go into my selection for the ethos behind all Traveller.

We recently released a VIDEO about Trekking Information. This is fastest and easiest way to plan photoshoot. I've shared most comprehensive Travelling search from Himalayas Trekking, Desert, Sea and Beaches. My website will help you to save time to Explore detination. Who shared world's moments through clicks, have focused on creativity. So we can focuses on exploring himalaya shoot that bring out the creativity.

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Our Skills

Skills required in single project

We work in different OS platform to enhance the beauty of captured photographs. How to get destination, To know where to go, the finest tours and trek destinations photography to stay or what to avoid at Himalayas.

We work on, post production software, editing software and enhance the beauty of india. I have great team and work on following tools :

  • Video Editing
  • Programming
  • Photography
  • Photo Editing
  • Cinematography
  • UX Designs
  • Post Productionn
  • Photoshop Lightroom
  • Premier and After Effect
  • HTML5
Creative Design
Data Processing

Meet Our Creative Team

Person Name Bithika Bose Ph'grapher - Analysist
Bithika Bose Ph'grapher - Analysist As an visual analyist and content Designer is the variety of similar job functions in theater, event, advertising, fashion and television media ...
Person Name Andy Rawat Ph'grapher - Founder
Andy Rawat Ph'grapher - Founder As an artist have experience of makes design and decisions about visual elements used, what artistic style to use, and when to use motion ...
Person Name KD Singh Chauhan Ph'grapher - VFX Artist
KD Singh Chauhan Ph'grapher - VFX Artist a sole VFX Artist, an evaluation of publication or as a musical composition, event or performance, such as live concert theater ...
Person Name Gurpreet Talwar Ph'grapher - Content Writer
Gurpreet Talwar Ph'grapher - Content Writer a writer who produce engaging content for online and they're Internet-savvy individuals who create articles, blogs, and other forms of writing material ...
Person Name Sunil Pathak Ph'grapher - Art director
Sunil Pathak Ph'grapher - Art director Writers makes decisions about visual elements used, what artistic style to use, stimulates moods, contrasts features and when to use motion ...
Person Name Kavita Gambhir Ph'grapher - Web Developer
Kavita Gambhir Ph'grapher - Web Developer A Web Developer programmer is the person who develop design, More formally, a designer is an agent that "specifies the structural of a design" ...
Person Name Pragati Dubey Ph'grapher - Content Designer
Pragati Dubey Ph'grapher - Content Designer Design more formally, an agent that "specifies the structural properties of design to overall and visual appearance for online design ...
Person Name Sunny Luthra Ph'grapher - Software Developer
Sunny Luthra Ph'grapher - Software Developer Developer has visual to communicates visually with audience. design of artifacts and advertise, specialize in hand making them ...

Professional Rich Photoshoot

Portrait Shoot
a solo portrait shoot for modeling
Wedding Shoot
a complete candid wedding shoot
Baby Shoot
a new born baby and baby kids shoot
Fashion Shoot
a shoot for new fashion world.
Travel Shoot
a travelogue shoot in different palces
Bridal Shoot
a couples, solo, bridal's prepration/wedding shoot
Landscape Shoot
a glimps of natural beauty scenery
Wildlife Shoot
a wild action and activities
Architectural Shoot
a pictures of structures and monuments
Macro Shoot
a closer shot to insects, flowers, textures etc.
Black&White Shoot
a diferent photography in dark grey shoot
Action Shoot
a activities of expressions, actions and moves

Why Choose Us?

  • We work in different platform to enhance the beauty of captured photographs. How to get destination, You want to know where to go, the finest tours and trek destinations to stay or what to avoid at all Himalayas, I have great treasure-trove of information for the treks and trips:

    • Wedding Shoot
    • Portrait Shoot
    • Travel Shoot
    • New Born Baby Shoot
    • Bridal Shoott
    • Wild Life Shoot
    • Macro Shoot
    • Fashion Shoot
  • The Mountains and Vally has unique landscapes for trekking experience in North India region. it offers you something Inspiring and Exciting through meadows, quaint tribal villages, oak tree forests, hidden waterfalls and witness the nature's beauty. Important List to carry for trekking :

    • Tent and Sleeping Bagr
    • Ruck sack bag with rain cover
    • Hand Torch, UV sunglasses
    • Non-skid hiking shoes
    • Quick Dry Track Pants
    • Personal toiletries kit
    • Carry your medicines
    • Camera (Optional)
  • India offers world-class Travelling opportunities for incredible experiences. In cultural reigon, where Dazzling Mountain,Monasteries, Staggering Views Peaks, Hindu Pilgrimages, Tribal Villages. Travelling industry is less developed and still untouched magical roadless villages.

    • Travel Docs, Cash, Cards
    • Prepare Item Carry-On Bag
    • Choose Your Main Bag
    • Organize Your Stuff
    • Pack Your Toiletry Bag
    • Pack Your Day Bag
    • Consider Travel Security
    • Prepare Your Home

Discover the art of traveling

How and where to Find the Best Travel Deals

Finding a travel deals is a matter of timing. You have to act quickly. People thinks that its just plain expensive, but the reality is there are incredible deals happening. That can sometimes be a problem when a deal requires jumping on a plane tomorrow to your plan schedule.

Often after booking bus/flight and then figure out the plans. So that you can cancel a flight within 24 hrs, I lock in the deal and then figure out if I can make it work. Sometimes I can; sometimes I can’t.

I'm always looking out for deals. Where I go for deals, tips, and expert advice. Why Not use Expert Advices, who focus as individual in this aspect of travel. I can’t be everywhere and can’t know everything.

How to Plan Trip, When You Know Nothing About

I planned for Kashmir, outside a few facts I’d picked up by NEWS and talking to friends over years, I knew it was long fight war by Army v/s Terrorists, the city produces a lot of casho-nuts, fruits, delicious food. There are some amazing trek peaks to explore.

Srinagar was a blank slate that made me nervous bcoj i was there on January, the whole state has KARFUE, next day was a normal day.

While going to somewhere blind. Eat the wrong thing, get sick and something go badly. Knowledge is power. given so much information about is available online, Going somewhere without any understanding of that place shows laziness in planning and sign of unskilled traveler.

How to Travel, what things Not do during travel

Always share about what to do when travel. But I'm sharing info what you shouldn't do. Lots of mistakes travelers makes lost time, missed opportunities and wasted money.

Lot of travel are out dated in an increasingly digital and connected world. "don't do this" telling traveler to visitor is keep a lots of myths going strong, they should be update, aware and explore knowledge.

If you avoid mistakes you’ll travel cheaper, smarter, and longer: DON’T book trip too early, DON’T skip local tourist, DON’T eat near tourist site, DON’T exchange money at airport, DON’T use a bank card with fees, DON’T skip travel insurance, DON’T avoid hospitality networks, DON’T take taxis.

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Love trek and journey on foot, especially to hike through valley and mountainous areas.


Photography is an art of creating images by recording light or electromagnetic radiation.


Travelling to mountains and share knowledge and enjoy the celebration of indian festivals.